Track Record

1999: Spanish Deep Sea Fishing Championship

2002: Deep Sea Fishing World Championship


The RCNPP has been a pioneer in promoting responsible and sustainable fishing, organising catch and release days and carrying out educational work together with important NGOs such as the WWF and local associations such as the Mallorcan Association of Responsible Fishing and the Port de Pollença Moorers Association. This section also organises social activities such as conferences and training courses and children's fishing workshops.

Social outings. The fishing section is in constant contact with the town of Pollença. More and more fishing enthusiasts are joining the social outings organised by the Club. Its main objective is to raise awareness of the sustainability of the marine environment.

Possibly the paramount annual outing is at the end of September, the time of year when the mahi-mahi is in our waters. However, we also organise other outings, such as squid fishing in January. 

Tagging of species. To find out about marine species' life and to measure the impact of recreational fishing on the marine environment, the RCNPP collaborates with scientific bodies by tagging species with electronic or conventional tags.  

The RCNPP supports collaboration with the scientific studies of the WWF, AZTI, IEO and CSIC, to learn more about the species and how recreational fishing impacts them. We're lucky enough to practise the most exclusive fishing possible and this makes us ideal for carrying out tagging activities with both conventional and electronic tags.


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